Civil Rights Litigation

Our firm represents individuals whose constitutional rights have been violated by a government officer or entity. Our typical civil righs client has had an encounter with law enforcement that has left him or her injured and scarred, emotionally and physically. Most of our cases are filed in federal court though we have litigated these matters in state court. These cases typically settle and depending upon the damages, our clients have received payments for their pain and suffering and to compensate them for medical bills, lost work time and other expenses incurred as a result of their injuries.

For example, when an off-duty police officer and his neighbor saw our client, his fiancée and friends partying at a house on their block, they approached the group with suspicion and aggressiveness. Members of the group and the two men had words. Later in the evening, the two men saw the group drive by and this time, followed them in a truck. By the time the off-duty officer and his neighbor confronted the group with guns drawn, the situation exploded with violence. The client, a 21 year old on the eve of his wedding, suffered irreversible brain damage, leaving him unable to work. Result: $800,000 confidential settlement.

While many civil rights clients don't have serious disabling injuries like the type of disabling injury described in the example above, their injuries have warranted filing a lawsuit.