Firm Results

Wrongful Death Litigation

Firm represented a man killed in an automotive accident involving safety malfunctions. Decedent, a 63 year old man, was survived by a wife of 39 years, three grown and married children, and 10 grandchildren.
Result: $1.3 million confidential settlement prior to trial.

Civil Rights Litigation

Our firm represents individuals whose constitutional rights have been violated by a government officer or entity. Our typical civil righs client has had an encounter with law enforcement that has left him or her injured and scarred, emotionally and physically. Most of our cases are filed in federal court though we have litigated these matters in state court.

Employment Litigation

Client came to firm seeking $8,000 for unpaid commissions. Firm recognized that employer had misclassified employee as a salary employee and filed suit for unpaid overtime.
Result: $130,000 confidential settlement before trial.

Business Consultation

Three sales people, employees of larger companies, decided to start up a manufacturer’s representation firm in Silicon Valley. They needed a shareholder’s agreement that allowed them to do a number of things including: 1) creating options for a clean exit from the firm; 2) controlling the stock and entry of new shareholders; and 3) funding mechanisms for buy-outs of exiting shareholders.
Result: We developed an appropriate document for the shareholders that launched the new enterprise.